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Key Industry Links and Companies/Entities Mentioned in the Report

All the companies mentioned in the report are listed below via the following categories, as well as other key companies which may be of interest. If you would like your company added to the list (this is complimentary), please use the Contact page to reach us.

Aerospace/Aviation Websites / Marketplaces:

NOTE: We have attempted to identify general categories for each website below, but this is everchanging, so use this information as a rough guideline only and please verify that each site you consider using for your needs meets your criteria.

Site Commercial Business General/Rotorcraft
Aeroxchange Y N N
Aircraft Parts Locator Service Y
AirParts Y Y Y
ATA Aviation Marketplace Y N N
AvMarkets.com Y Y Y
Aviation Buyers Directory Y Y Y
DatAccess Y Y Y
eBay Y Y Y
Exostar Y N N
Fipart Y Y Y
HelicopterParts.com / AircraftParts.com N Y Y
Global Aviation Marketplace Y Y Y
ILS (Inventory Logistics Service) Y Y Y
IPLS (Internet Parts Locator Service) Y Y
OneAero Y Y
PartsBase Y Y Y
PartsLogistics Y Y Y
StockMarket.aero Y Y Y
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Software & Solution Providers:

Network (Type B, Type X, Spec 2000-related & other) Solutions:

Spec 2000 Software Solutions & Consultants:

Non-Spec 2000 EDI (X12, UN/EDIFACT, S2000M - Spec 2000M) & XML and Other Solutions:

Internet-based Parts Listings & Related Services:

Key Industry Associations and Groups: