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Categorizing the Information

CTen sets of infomation was identified, with subsets for each. A number of these sites provided feedback to us, and the remainder was gathered as possible. This set of matrices contains a wealth of data which can be used to help companie determine which websites/marketplaces meet their business needs.

    The following ten (10) categories were identified:

  • General Information (contact data, number of customers, transaction volume, number of parts listed, etc.)
  • Security features
  • User Privacy & Data Collection
  • Usability features
  • Customer Support provided
  • Trading capabilities in general, as well as:
  •    Buying-related features
  •    Selling-related features
  • Business Intelligence capabilties
  • Repairs Management capabilities

The depth of data provided here is not found anywhere else. Our research is simply unmatched. Use this to your advantage!

Example of Data Gathered

EProvided below are two sets of examples of data gathered.

    User Privacy & Data Collection:

  • Does the website have a “Privacy Policy” published?
  • Is the website information from buying/selling activities kept private (Y) or does the website reserve the right to provide this data externally (N)?
  • Can registered customers of the marketplace
  • ‘Opt-out’ of any commercial emails?
  • Does the marketplace re-sell/provide its customers contact data to 3rd parties (outside of legally-binding government mandates) for commercial purposes?
  • Does the marketplace log IP addresses for system admin purposes?


  • Does the buyer need to register (R), or can they buy unregistered (U)?
  • • Fee charged to buyers per use?
  • • Subscription fee (either monthly / quarterly / annual, etc)?
  • Search Mechanism
  • Can search by differing criteria (other than a part number):
  • • Price/Range
  • • Geo-location of part (or the Seller)
  • • Condition of a part
  • Other criteria (pedigree of the Seller, if a part has FAA 8130-3 or other regulatory forms provided, etc.)
  • Allows for ‘saved searches’ which may be re-used by a customer at a later time
  • Buyer can create a ‘Watch List’ or ‘Alerts’ of parts they are interested in
  • Managing Suppliers
  • Buyer can create a preferred-supplier list
  • Can create an ‘ignored’ seller list (so listings from these providers are blocked out)
  • Can a buyer place RFI/RFQs for potential sellers to respond to?
  • Can a buyer send an offer to a seller (instead of paying an asking price or adjusting the terms)?
  • Can a buyer send questions to a seller via the marketplace (and keep their email address private)?

Information is the Lifeblood of any Enterprise

IWithout it, you cannot make intelligent decisions. Use our report to make those decisions properly.