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Key Information, Report Details and Data

The Aerospace Market is Fueled by Information

IAerospace in a globally-interconnected market which requires a constant stream of data in order to operate. This not only includes timely information, but also requires organizations to have access to 'background' data on the latest industry developments and trends. This report provides exactly such information, and provides the reader with a unique view onto the Aftermarket aicraft parts websites/Marketplaces/portals and supporting technology.

Finding the Right Information is Always Key

You need to understand not only WHERE to conduct your aircraft parts-related business (trading, repair, management), but also HOW. This report discusses some of the most important technologies from a business perspective on how reach your trading partners, such as: ATA's Spec 2000 standard, IATA Type B messaging, XML-based Internet methods and pure web-based access.

We also discuss some of the key developments on trends which will affect aircraft parts such as RFID, smartphone-enabled applications, among other topics.

Information Leads to Better Decisions

BEvery organization needs to constantly update it's knowledge. One of the most-effective ways to do so is via market research provided by multiple external sources, to complement internally-identified analysis. This report services two purposes which support such a strategy:

1Information Resource: Understand the current market and trends which your organization needs to know about. Without an updated set of data, you cannot make the right decisions. Our research will assist your organization in determining a way forward.

2Training: Helps staff which are not savvy with many of the current websites/marketplaces and technology mechanisms by which you can trade or manage aircraft parts

Get better informed to to make more informed decisions!