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The End of 'Packaged' Software: Cloud Computing

CSoftware providers are moving applications away from packaged solutions to hosted solutions on a managed/shared set of servers. Aerospace applications are no exception to this trend, and we cover some of the basics that you need to know in how to better understand, manage and utilize such offerings. eCommerce and project collaboration are two areas which have taken to this trend rather quickly, and provide customers with a cost-effective solution to consider.

We provide a non-technical overview on this, to provide non-IT personnel with enough background to understand the basic concepts related to cloud computing. If you are not already using such solutions, you will be soon.

Emerging Technologies: eForms, Smartphone Applications, RFID and more

eeForms (electronic forms) are now slowing moving into the aerospace world, and are beginning to replace paper-based forms. The first of these is the Airworthiness Certificate (aka, FAA 8130-3, EASA Form One, TC 24-070, etc). Learn how this is happening and what you should be aware of.

Smartphone/tablet apps are taking over the world

A'Apps' for smartphones and tablets are burgeoning in aviation, with new ones being released almost weekly. We provide a brief overview of this market, and what you should be aware of.

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