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Spec 2000: Who Uses & Why

Learn more about Spec 2000 and how and why it is used to conduct standardized transactions between Buyers and Sellers of aircraft parts. Examples of the types of firms which depend upon this standard: Most of the largest airlines, OEMs and suppliers, MRO firms; Anyone involved in managing aircraft parts.

Brief Overview of Key Chapters

We provide condensed non-technical overview on several of the transaction-focused chapters, and present how key Messages are exchanged. Key chapters presented: Chapter 2 - Procurement Planning, Chapter 3 - Order Administration, Chapter 4 - Customer Invoicing, Chapter 7 - Repair Administration, Chapter 16 - Electronic Parts Certification Forms.

Sampling of Solution Providers

The report identifies a number of key solution providers to consider for Spec 2000 and Internet-based handling and repair of aircraft parts. This includes Type B (and Type X) network providers, Websites / Marketplaces, Software providers and more

The Future: Type X

High-level overview of Type B Messaging, and the how it relates to the new emerging IATA Type X standard. We present a brief overview on the Type B EDI standard which is used globally. The emerging IATA Type X standard is also introduced. Learn about key solution providers to consider when considering which type of access fits your business needs (Type B, Type X or Internet).