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Experiment #1: Comparing Search Results – Search Engines versus Marketplaces

1We provide you with the results of an experiment in which we searched for a well-known part number typically required by major airlines. The major Internet search engines and Marketplaces were utilized, as well as a specialized aerospace-only search engine.

For this experiment, we tracked not only the number of search results identified, but the quality of the results returned by each of the three search engines. We had expected the results to be rather close, but this was not to be...

Experiment #2: Comparing Search Results Across Differing Marketplaces

2In this section, we concentrated on only on the aerospace-focused Marketplaces, and identified aircraft part numbers in each of the major market categories (Commercial, General / Business Aviation, Rotorcraft / Avionics / Other Parts) as well as identifying a mixture of rotable parts and consumables. The goal of the experiment was to learn which Marketplaces provided the most number of listings for each of the three (3) sets of searches performed. We selected at least one part which was available on each marketplace, and added parts found using web searches. The results of each of these were interesting and can help guide you on the best places to list or locate your aircraft parts.

The Internet eCommerce/eBusiness Market is Evolving

eThe evolution in how transactions are performed, and how sites are listed and managed due to changes in search engine technology is affecting how all eCommerce or listing services manage their websites. You need to be aware of how this affects you if you list parts on your website, and we also provide you with an overview on how to address this.